An egg cracker

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Welcome all to "An Egg Cracker''

Welcome to my geog teaching blog: An egg cracker.
I literally woke up one morning with this title in mind.
Why this title, I asked myself and these are the things i thought of to associate "egg cracker" with geography and the wider context of teaching in general...
1) Plate Tectonics: Mr. Yee mentioned last week that we can take a hard-boiled egg as the Earth. The crust is the egg shell. Shelving off the egg shell will reveal egg white (mantle) and within it we'll have the egg yolk (core). The geography teacher, as an egg cracker, will introduce the fundamental structure of the Earth and show the students what lies beneath.
2) An bad egg: An bad egg is someone who disappoints expectations. An rotten or bad egg looks fine on the outside until you crack it open. Let the teacher be the egg cracker and understand the student beneath the surface to avoid him/her falling short of expectations