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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Reflection 4: Post Web Quest Blog

My group picked the topic of industries for the web quest package. Within the topic of industry, we specifically choose the “factors influencing location of industries” for the package. We chose this topic as industries is a very dry topic to teach thus having this lesson as a web quest lesson may excite students and make the learning of this “boring” topic more interesting and engaging.

Also, it is quite easy to come out with a scenario or case study for this topic. In our package, the student takes up a role of the project manager of an automobile company, responsible to find a suitable site to build a new manufacturing plant. The student is presented 3 sites with different characteristics and he/she needs to carefully compare the sites to decide on the most suitable site for the automobile manufacturing plant to be built. This scenario is very typical for the topic of industry as students will learn about all the factors influencing industrial location and evaluate which factors are more important for specific industries.

The use of web quest for this type of dry topics is very beneficial as learning a lesson online is still a refreshing experience for students. Students would be more interested in the topic and hopefully able to achieve all of the lesson objectives.

However, on the part of the teachers, it is not an easy task to design these web quest packages. It requires some a bit of time, effort and technicalities to complete each package. Nonetheless, this is the first time that I try my hands on creating one such package and it is a good learning experience.